Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Old Dilemma In Saskatchewan

One of the more interesting stories in Canadian politics this year will be how Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall handles his success, defined here as having a 28 point lead heading into an election year.

No doubt Wall has been buoyed by a relatively good economy, but no one should discount his success in an environment that has been brutal on incumbents across North America. For a guy who had to run ads telling voters he wasn't an extremist last time, he has consolidated his new party's government very well.

Now here is the test of political scruples. Will Wall use the big lead as a chance to get a clear mandate for some policies he will want to bring in over the next four years, or will he go unto a prevent defense and play it safe? My guess is that premiers with tougher hands to play will be watching Brad Wall, Canada's Most Popular Premier (Post-Danny Williams edition)

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